Photographic Stories of the Heart and Soul of Moral Injury


There is a type of trauma or human struggle that is little known, but universally felt—one that transcends time and crosses culture, and can change a person at their core. Its name is Moral Injury. If you haven’t heard of it, we invite to learn more—because there is a good chance either you or someone you know has felt its profound effects.


In the Black Hours is a collection of photographic vignettes and a compendium of life stories that bring us face to face with moral injury, beginning with those in the black despair of night, moving through glimmers of hope in twilight, and finally into an emerging dawn, reminding us all that while peace and happiness can sometimes feel elusive, it need never be lost entirely.

With astounding openness and courage, thirty individuals—young and old, from all walks of life—have put into words experiences that are beyond difficult to say—experiences that are often thought to be the “unthinkable” or the “unspeakable” in an effort to heal themselves and to raise awareness of this type of trauma.

Through long exposure, blurred motion, ethereal light, and high contrast, the accompanying photography creates a piercing visual landscape that captures the raw emotion and lost innocence which moral injury lays bare. The resulting collection, soon also to be released as a book, is an intimate and visceral look at the heart and soul of moral injury, and honors both the vulnerability and the triumph of the human spirit.

About the Stories

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